David Jang

David Jang’s work utilizes materials to articulate the countervailing forces inherent in the everyday—expansion and contraction, perfection and imperfection, force and balance, have and have not. MOCA exhibited artist David Jang describes his process: “As I examine the continuum of the objects, I begin to discover the hidden subtexts and hierarchies these objects uphold—the social orders they sustain or subvert and the relationships they facilitate or fail. I attempt to foster a self-revelatory creative process, one that is empirical yet open-ended. In this way my work results, not in forced conversation, but in quasi-scientific discovery.”

Notable Fairs / Exhibitions

Lax Airport, Los Angeles
Sandra Lee Gallery, San Francisco
Gallery on Wade, Toronto
Canada Shane-show Gallery, Beijing, China
Affordable Art Fair New York
Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam, Niederlande
Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles