Bruno Kurz

Inspired by the classical composition of the countryside, Bruno Kurz (*1957) produces nuanced, abstract color landscapes of unbelievable illumination and depth. Through layering as well as the combination of unconventional materials – gauze, sheet metal, resin – the artist accomplishes wild optical impressions. Words such as transparency, levity, and dissolution describe the effect best. Bruno Kurz manages to transform the classic canvas painting into a field of color floating in front of the wall. The thoroughly reflective resin layers and metallic surfaces create light tricks and reflections that define the atmosphere of the works.

Notable Fairs / Exhibitions

Art Karlsruhe, Art Toronto, Kunst Zürich, ART FAIR Köln, Affordable Art Fair Hamburg
Museum Würth, Museum Biberach, Kunstverein Biberach, Museum Ettlingen, ZKM, Museum für Moderne Kunst, Karlsruhe